Music Creation and Songwriting LAB a program to support creativity and mutual learning of creators and performers.

The main goal of MCS_Lab is to create a comprehensive program which will not only gather composers and songwriters from the three represented countries (Poland, Portugal and France), coming from different music genres and backgrounds, as part of joint creative work during songwriting camps, but which will also provide them with the necessary theoretical knowledge and with the support of mentors with long-standing experience in the music industry.

The project will involve three songwriting camps, one of which will be dedicated to work on songs to be used in films and commercials in the future, involving film and contemporary music composers.

The songwriting camps are scheduled adequately:

  1. Sync Camp in Poland (June 2021)
  2. Songwriting camp in France (September 2021)
  3. Songwriting camp in Portugal (April 2022). *

Participants of these events will be selected in open calls, based on submitted applications. Entries will be judged by representatives of the organizers and independent experts.

Moreover, since one of the basic assumptions of the Music Creation and Songwriting LAB is the belief that proper preparation, training and equipping with the necessary knowledge will allow for better use of the European music industry’s potential in the area of popular music creation, the project has also been expanded to include a comprehensive educational component.


From April to September this year, thanks to the cooperation with undisputed experts of the music industry, a series of workshops will be held, covering:

· The role of the music publisher on an international level

· The role of collecting societies and how to register your works

· Songwriting as a career: what tools do you need?

· Introduction to the contemporary landscape of the music industry & modern music marketing

· How to prepare for songwriting camps

· How to synch your music

· Storytelling & personal branding

· Music Rights in the Digital World

· How to network effectively and pitch your work as a songwriter

· The functioning of the music markets in France, Portugal and Poland.


There will be open calls for workshops – information about them will be published on an ongoing basis on the project’s website and on Facebook.


In addition, workshop participants will have the opportunity to participate in individual consultations with mentors, within the framework of their on-call hours**, and participation in the educational component of the project will be additionally scored when applying for participation in songwriting camps.  


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 


*The organizers shall make efforts so that all three events be organized offline, however due to the dynamic situation connected with the coronavirus pandemics and for the reasons of health and safety they reserve the right to change the formula of the events to the virtual one.

**There will be separate registrations for the sessions, on a first come, first serve basis. Details will be emailed directly to workshop participants once they have been completed.


Music Export Poland, Le Centre national de la musique and WHY Portugal are looking for songwriters / producers to take part in a songwriting camp, which will be held in Paris, in the 360 Paris Music Factory studios, from 06 to 10 September.

During the workshop, four Polish, four French and four Portuguese songwriters will have the opportunity to work in teams of three.

As part of the event, the organisers provide:
  • four studios equipped with listening monitors, microphones, midi keyboards;
  • four writing sessions from 6 to 9 September
  • lunch on writing days;
  • the opportunity to get to know all the participants of the camp thanks to the daily change of team members;
  • orders (briefs) from Polish, French and Portuguese record labels, publishing companies and sync agents
  • listening session on 10 September, during which participants and other music industry representatives will have the opportunity to listen to tracks written during the camp;
  • flight connection between Poland / Portugal and Paris on 5-11 September;
  • hotel accommodation from 5–11 September.
We invite you to send applications by filling in the form:

Preference will be given to artists who have taken part in workshops organised as part of the Music Creation & Songwriting LAB project.

English language skills and experience in collaborative songwriting are required.

The deadline for submitting applications is 21 July. The results of the call will be announced on 30 July.

If you have any questions, please contact (FRANCE) / / or (POLAND) or (PORTUGAL)

Workshop: How to network effectively and build global, long-lasting relationships in the music industry (Géraldine Zanaska)

MC&S Lab presents: “How to network effectively and build global, long-lasting relationships in the music industry” – a workshop in which Géraldine Zanaska, of leading global music business consultancy Compass Music, will provide an introduction and practical tips to easily navigate the world of networking, both face-to-face and online.


The 90 minutes workshop will take place on Friday 30th July at 11:00 CEST.

Good relationship-building skills are important for every career, and the music industry is no exception. In a sector that is particularly competitive and where knowing the right people can often open many doors, for artists and executives alike, it is important to continuously build and maintain a quality network of your peers.

But are the unwritten rules of networking the same everywhere around the globe? And how to proceed as an introvert? How many events do I need to go to to attain my goal? And how can I connect with people now that most face-to-face opportunities are cancelled?

In this workshop, participants will be given key tips to understand what networking is, how to approach people from different cultures and backgrounds from the music sector, and how to build relationships that last and matter, both face-to-face and online. This session is an interactive one, where participants are expected to take part in a couple of practical exercises. They will also have the opportunity to receive personal feedback on their technique and online networking pages, numbers permitting.


Registered users will also be able to take advantage of 3 individual mentoring sessions with Géraldine following the workshop.

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

Link to registration:

This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe:

About the lecturer:

Paris native Géraldine Zanaska has 10 years’ experience in the music industry. Between earning her master’s degree in Music Business Management from London’s University of Westminster and launching Compass Music, Géraldine worked for an independent record label, a music venue, a live music promoter, a cultural institution, and the French music export office.

When not working with clients or cruising the canals on her narrowboat, you can often find her giving guest lectures, hosting workshops, and mentoring young professionals starting out in the music business.

Delivered workshops for, or talked at : Babel Med (FR), by:Larm (NO), The Great Escape (UK), I Like Networking (UK), Initiative Pop (DE), Institut Français (DK), Les Formations d’Issoudun (FR), Pitchfork Music Festival (FR), PRS Foundation (UK), Reeperbahn festival (DE), Sonic Visions (LU), Sup de Pub (FR), Trans Musicales (FR), Where’s The Music (SE), Wide Days (UK).


Current affiliations: Board member for Le Mila (FR); Mentor for I Like Networking (UK/global); Member of Music Tech France, MMF UK, BPI, She Said So, Women In CTRL; signatory of Keychange and Music Declares Emergency.

Workshop: “Storytelling for Music Marketing Magic” (Magdalena Jensen)

MC&S Lab presents: “Storytelling for Music Marketing Magic” – a workshop in which Magdalena Jensen of Chimes Agency will explain to you how to use the power of storytelling in the music business. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, July 7th, at 11:00 CEST.

Once upon a time… A classic intro to your favorite bedtime story. Storytelling techniques are not just about sweetening your dreams - some of the biggest companies around the globe (from Nike as early as 1999 to United Airlines just last year) have jumped on this trend and are creating the new position of CSO (Chief Storytelling Officer) in their structures.
Storytelling has become one of the most important tools in the world of marketing - from creating narratives to building out social media campaigns. In an industry driven by emotional expression through music, why not carry that over into the business side of things as well? How can you develop and implement a story that lodges itself in your memory or moves your fans emotionally?
This workshop will cover the basics of how to create and develop a story that tugs on fans’ heartstrings, spend some time looking at case studies and you will leave with a storytelling methodology, beginning to your story and an idea of where to take it from here and how to bring it into your comms and PR with consistency and creativity.

Registered users will also be able to take advantage of 3 individual mentoring sessions with Magda.

About the lecturer:
Magdalena Jensen specializes in international music strategy and having spent 10 years in the European music industry, she is dedicated to supporting and empowering peers, especially women and people of minority backgrounds. She is the co-founder of Chimes Agency, an artist management & consulting agency supporting artists & brands in music strategy development and implementation.
Additionally, she is the co-founder and board member of the European Music Managers Alliance (EMMA) and runs the music managers’ mentorship program..
Most recently, Magdalena has qualified as an Animas Transformational Coaching and supports people to thrive in life.

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe:

Workshop: “How to organise a songwriting camp” (Greig Watts)

MC&S Lab presents: “How to organise a songwriting camp” – a workshop in which Greig Watts of DWB Music LTD will take you through the process, step by step. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, June 15th, at 11:00 CEST.

In this workshop – Greig – who has hosted many successful songwriting camps, for Asia, Eurovision and was part of the team putting together the 1st Midem camp, will guide you through all aspects related to the organization of such an event and how to prepare for various potential difficulties that you may encounter along the way.

Registered users will also be able to take advantage of 3 individual mentoring sessions with Greig.

About the lecturer:

Greig Watts is one third of the Uk based writing, production and publishing team DWB. Greig’s main writing role is lyrics as well as melody and he also heads up the Publishing department which means he has an A & R’s ears This role involves managing many other writers (who between them have been involved in over 60 Million sales). Over the past few years, Greig has hosted many successful song writing camps, for Asia, Eurovision and was part of the team putting together the 1stMidem camp. The success of these camps and songs coming from them has lead to Greig becoming an expert in the particular areas of Asia and Eurovision, and he has subsequently been a conference speaker, panellist or Moderator at (Moscow), GMA (Taiwan), ADE (Amsterdam), Sound City (Liverpool) and more.

After overseeing 10 Eurovision entries in 6 years, as well as approximately 30 National finalists during that period, Greig was appointed the Music Consultant for Eurovision for the BBC for 2019, with Michael Rice and “Bigger Than Us’ being picked to represent the UK in Israel.

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe:

Workshop: “All you need to know about the music business in Poland” (Piotr Kabaj)

On June 4th, at 11:00 CEST, Piotr Kabaj will present a workshop: "All you need to know about the music business in Poland”. 

In this workshop, Piotr Kabaj, an experienced professional who has worked on many different levels of the music business, will give you a comprehensive dose of knowledge about the Polish music industry in a nutshell.  

Registered users will also be able to take advantage of 3 individual mentoring sessions with Piotr Kabaj.

About the lecturer:

Piotr Kabaj, currently CEO of Closer Music Production & Publishing, started his professional career in 1987 as an advisor to the Prime Minister in the Consultative Economic Council. Since then, until this day, he has been active in building a modern music industry in Poland and abroad. From 1990 to 1995 he co-founded and managed the Pomaton Music Company, from 1995 to 2013 he held the position of President and Managing Director of EMI Music Poland, and from 2008 to 2013 he additionally served as CEO of EMI Music Eastern Europe. When Warner Music Group took over part of the EMI Music businesses, from 2013 to 2019, he was President and Managing Director of Warner Music Poland as well as CEO of Warner Music Eastern Europe. As of August 2019, he is the co-founder and CEO of Closer Music.
In 1991 he co-founded the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry, where from 1991 to 2009 he also served as Vice President of the Board. He lobbied the Polish and European Parliaments on Copyright Law on numerous occasions. As of July 2019, he is a member of the Board of the Music Export Poland Foundation. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Warsaw, as well as of Stanford University in California.

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

Link to registration:

This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe:


Workshop: “The role of collecting societies and how to register your works” (Caroline Champarnaud & Cynthia Lipskier)

On May 28th, at 11:00 CEST, Caroline Champarnaud & Cynthia Lipskier (Sacem) will present a workshop: The role of collecting societies and how to register your works.

In this workshop, the number one collective society in the world, Sacem will introduce their missions, their administration model, and also their international activities in the field of digital licenses. The two representatives will explain the importance of registering works in a fast and regular fashion, and how to do so.

  • Caroline Champarnaud
Director of International Development @ SACEM

Caroline Champarnaud is Director of International Development at Sacem, the world’s leading collective management organization. She heads the relationship with Collective Management Organizations around the world. She is also actively involved in several international working groups for the improvement of collection administration. She previously served as Director of Recorded Media and Online Licensing, where she led negotiations with the labels and the Digital Service Providers. Caroline graduated from the Paris School of Business where she specialized in marketing and international strategy.

  • Cynthia Lipskier
Head of Domestic and International Repertoire Documentation and Distribution Department- Licensing, International and Operations Division @ SACEM


Cynthia Lipskier joined Sacem in 2000 after fifteen years spent at SACD, a French CMO for directors and scriptwriters. As project manager, she was in charge of the development of tools for audiovisual documentation and rights distribution.
From 2000 to 2013, Cynthia was in charge of the coordination between users and IT developers. Since 2013, she is in charge of the operational teams for Domestic and International. She is contributing as a documentation expert to different CISAC groups and international projects.
In partnership with CSDEM (French Music Publishers Association), Cynthia Lipskier provides training sessions for new music publishers.

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe:

Workshop: “The role of the music publisher on an international level” (Marie Nowak & Rachel Graham)

MC&S Lab presents: “The role of the music publisher on an international level” by Marie Nowak & Rachel Graham. The workshop will take place on Friday, May 21st, at 11:00 CEST.

  • What is the role of a music publisher?
  • Why do you need one? 
  • If you are a songwriter, what does a publisher do to help you?

In this discussion with two professionals in the music publishing sector, we will discuss their careers, their varied and rich experiences, and the artists they’ve worked with.
We will also discuss more generally the role of a music publisher. We will tackle the do’s and don’ts when approaching a publisher, what can be expected or not from them. Then, we will go deeper into the role on a practical level, and what the position of a publisher is in the artists’ entourage (label, live, etc.). How can the publisher help their writers to work beyond their domestic borders?
Another aspect that will be discussed is the kind of A&R role publishers can have: how do they go about scouting for new talent? They have a role of administering the catalog, placing the songs: can they also deal with creative aspects, such as finding sessions, collaborations?
All this and more will be discussed, so please join us on Friday for a very informative chat!

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe:

About the lecturers:

Marie Nowak
Former VP A&R Publishing and Recordings at BMG

After law studies, Marie had the unexpected luck to be hired by a music giant called PolyGram in 1977. Once hired as a lawyer, luck stroke again and her boss decided she had what it takes to become an A&R (probably seeing her day and night in our demo room with songwriters when her legal chores were piling on my desk…).
For many years she has been experimenting almost every job in the music industry, in publishing companies or labels, big or small, in her own PR and management company for ten years, and decided that being a publisher was definitely her thing.
This is why she spent the last twenty years being a publisher, as an A&R for BMG Publishing and then as VP A&R Publishing and Recordings for BMG.

“I strongly believe SONGS are and will always be the foundation of every success, in any genre.”

Her very first success story as a baby A&R was a song called « Chacun fait ce qui lui plaît » by Chagrin d’Amour and the last signing she is proud of as a publisher is a genius multi-awarded artist called Jeanne Added. During her 40 years career, she had the pleasure to work with many outstanding songwriters, William Sheller, Serge Gainsbourg, Diam’s who was the first French female MC, more recently Francis Cabrel and Alain Souchon, the Chedid family around a brilliant French Allstars project called « Le soldat rose », Gaëtan Roussel (leader of multi-million seller band Louise Attaque and one of France’s most valuable songwriters).

Rachel Graham
Publisher, Passé Projects & Infiné

Event curation and programming, large-scale event management, label consultant, artist management, booking agent, project management, brand partnerships, business affairs, creative consultancy, music publishing... In her 19 years of working in the music industry there are not many spheres in the industry that Rachel has not experienced.
Starting from Glasgow's art and club scene with Optimo Espacio, moving to London with Franz Ferdinand, landing in France keenly focused on music publishing (Passé Publishing & InFiné Éditions) in Paris - with numerous projects and artist management (Ivan Smagghe, K-X-P, and Matias Aguayo) in between - including joining in 2015, and helping to found the French chapter in 2017... it continues to be a full and interesting ride !

Workshop: “Introduction to the contemporary landscape of the music industry & modern music marketing” (Nuno Saraiva)

MC&S Lab presents: 
“Introduction to the contemporary landscape of the music industry & modern music marketing” by Nuno Saraiva (SCL Agency). The workshop will take place on May 14th, at 11:00 CEST.

The music business ecosystem has grown more complex than ever before. The "3 Towers" of the Music Industry will be surveyed and discussed by Nuno Saraiva, from a historical perspective up to the present day tools required for navigating the modern music marketing and 21st century music world.

An introductory workshop session, presented by Music Moves Europe preparatory action project MC&S Lab, promoted by Music Export Poland together with CNM and Why Portugal, the session aims at explaining the common workflows - and revenue flows - of the main three sub-sectors of the music industry ecosystem: Recorded Music, Music Publishing, and Live; as well as how modern marketing and metrics tools have come to impact songwriters, publishers and labels in their goals of getting their music out to more people.

The workshop will be delivered via a presentation (aprox. 45 mins) followed by Q&A (aprox. 20 mins). 

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

With over 20 years music industry experience in Canada, UK, and Portugal, Nuno Saraiva is the Executive Director of the WHY Portugal export office and music exchange platform, founded in 2016. Saraiva is also co-founder of Portugal’s first PRO conference and showcase Festival Westway LAB, which started in 2014, and is also the founding President of the AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Trade Association, founded in 2012.
He is a Board Member of IMPALA, the European Music Companies Association in Brussels; and also Board Member of EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange, in representation of WHY Portugal. 


Workshop: Synch In Modern Music: An Introduction (Markus Linde)

On May 7th, at 11:00 CEST, Markus Linde will present a workshop: Synch In Modern Music: An Introduction. Markus, being a veteran of independent synch brokerage with a proven track record in the music business, will give you an insight into the structures, the processes, the people - and the opportunities in the music industry.

This workshop provides a basic introduction to Synch:
the different areas of film, television, and advertising, and how you want to approach them
the requirements, the considerations and the opportunities for a professional career in Synch
how can Synch be important for your career as a recording artist?
managers, publishers, labels, agents, societies: how are they important in Synch?

Get first-hand information and experience, that can help you with career-defining decisions.

 Markus Linde has been successfully running his thag’s agent imprint for some 16 years now. With a long professional history in the record business (marketing, A&R), publishing and artist management, he draws from experience and knowledge, as well as from a love of music. Markus is also a speaker on international conferences and consulting contributor to workshops and seminars. He is founding member and Project Leader of the Europe in Synch project, a MUSIC MOVES EUROPE Preparatory Action with the support of CREATIVE EUROPE.
The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

Link to registration:


Workshop: Songwriting as a career - what tools do you need? (DELTA)

On Friday, April 30th at 11:00 - 12:30 CEST, two Belgian songwriters Julien Joris and Benoit Leclercq, better known as the pop-group Delta, will present a workshop called: Songwriting as a career - what tools do you need? Signed to publisher / label BMG France, the prolific Julien and Benoit have numerous writing credits for artists such as Asa, Kimberose, Florent Pagny, Yannick Noah and many others. This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program

In this session, Julien and Benoit will talk about how they got to where they are today, from young kids passionate about songs to writing for some of the biggest stars in Europe, while also going from strength to strength in their own performing careers. They’ll discuss their experiences, the way they work, their entourage, and how that all fits in with their lives. They will also take you through the technical side of constructing songs; what tools they use, building songs from the ground up. Make sure you sign up to join what will be a fascinating insight into the art of songwriting from two of the most exciting young talents in the business.

DELTA’s debut album will be out this coming autumn. In the meantime, check out their latest singles here:

We are officially launching the Music Creation & Songwriting LAB project!

On April 9th, at 3 PM., Eddie Schwartz himself will talk about the value of music and the importance of music creators for its development!

Eddie is a songwriter, record producer, and artist born in Toronto, Canada. Some of the artists who have recorded his songs are Joe Cocker, Pat Benatar, The Doobie Brothers, Donna Summer, Rascal Flatts, Robert Palmer, Paul Carrack, Carly Simon, among others. He served on the board of the Canadian CMO, SOCAN for many years, and as an advocate for creators has served as President of the Songwriters Association of Canada, President of Music Creators North America and he is the first non-European President of the International Council of Music Creators (CIAM). He is a recipient of the Order of Canada, and an inductee into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.